Each contestant will perform live to 1 of 35 original backing tracks. You will get 5 minutes to set up plus check levels and will perform to any 1 of the official backing tracks of your choice. In the event of a tie you will be required to play an additional 2 minutes with no backing track.

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Grammy Award-winning producer and blues aficionado, Pete Anderson, has crafted 35 original instrumental backing tracks in various styles for you to play along with at the Battle of the Blues competition. This year, Pete has contributed 5 new tracks, be sure to check them out!

Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning Producer/Guitarist Pete Anderson is most widely known as the musical partner to Dwight Yoakam, whose records he produced,arranged,and played on from 1986-2003. Anderson is well known as a pioneer in the roots-rock genre and was an early champion of the Americana movement. He is also a renowned bandleader who has appeared on 'Saturday Night Live', 'David Letterman', and 'The Tonight Show'. He has played over 3,000 live shows in upwards of 15 countries around the world. Currently, Mr. Anderson is recording the follow up to his critically acclaimed Blues album, "Even Things Up/Deluxe Edition" VizzTone Label Group/Little Dog Records). The album received rave reviews and charted on Blues stations across the nation. Most notably, it reached #2 on XM/Satellite Radio's "BB King"s Bluesville" - the only 24 hour blues station in world.

2012 marks the 6th year Pete has been involved with Guitar Center's Blues competition - helping keep the spirit of the blues alive and well. For more information on Pete, please visit

Twist Beat*
An up tempo groove in the key of E and a touch of Elvis with a sharp V chord. Great for doing some early Freddy King type of instrumental riffs.
Tramp Groove*
Molded after the Lowell Fulsom classic, a funky track in the key of A that would also be good for slide.
Capo on the 5th fret ... play with this track like you were in the key of E in the style of Albert Collins or Jimmy Vaughan.
J.R. Time*
A little heavier groove over a Jimmy Reed type shuffle in E ...can't get any bluesier than this.
Diddley Shake*
A cool Bo Diddley type blues track... but instead of a I chord jam we put it into a I/IV/V BLUES ...something simple should work.
She's My Baby
No hiding on this cool brushes groove. Major head with a straight boogie woogie solo section, dig the II V I on the turnaround. Think Chicago blues from the 50's.
Swampy Slim
Perfect for an old school guitar instrumental or create a cool slide melody on the head then play the blues on the solo section.
Gotta have some rock blues to play over.. think Robben Ford.
A Mambo.. a traditional New Orleans street parade beat. Think Meters/Dr. John. The I to the V chord gives you a very major head to work off of. While hitting the IV dom7th, really kicks in the blues or minor pentatonic.
Strut Your Stuff
Hard to get any funkier.. this one is a blast to play to, especially the B section, plenty of room to create
Country Slow Blues
This is in its most simple form with breaks in the key of C. When we first started playing blues this was and is..."SLOW BLUE IN C".. that's what we would call out on the band stand...kick it from the V. It's got some nice breaks and just enough time to say what you have to say then get on home before daybreak...
Still in Love
A nice minor blues in the key of "F"... lots of cool changes to play over, take advantage of the chords Pete substituted. This has a "THE THRILL IS GONE" type vibe. Don't be intimidated by the chords will be able to play a straight minor blues solo over it with glowing results but if you feel like arpeggiating some of the chords that will give you a nice melodic point to start from. Pete has a recording of this song on his album "EVEN THINGS UP" under the same name.. take a listen and good luck.
Talkin' My Baby Down
This groove is in the key of G.. jump-swing-boogie. This style was very popular with bands in the T Bone Walker era ...bridging the big band era of the late 40's with the early 50's blues styling and the invention of electricity (for the guitar that is). Lots of VI chords and IX chords to take a ride on and also a II / V / I on what Pete set up as the chorus.... if you think you can swing have at it.
Workin' Class
Something funky in the key of A, this is basically a Chuck Berry type 1/2 shuffle or 8Th notes against a shuffle/swing feel if Chuck played straight Johnny Johnson, shuffled his piano & vise versa. There's a nice little break down section to groove over. This would also be a great slide song. Create a tune with a nice head wins and listen to some instrumentals from that era.
110 in the Shade
A good old Chicago blues shuffle in the key of "E" This is a combo of Muddy & Willie Dixon.... straight up-tempo blues till we get to the chorus, that's where Willie Dixon comes in writing a blues song with a chorus which would be considered early R&B. You will hear this on some of Little Walters stuff as well as Louis Jordan. A nice II / V / I turn around. Create a head not unlike "Sweet Home Chicago"...come on man! the blues!
Monkey Paw
This is a Muddy Waters-inspired shuffle with a backbeat. It's a more modern approach to a late '70s Chicago Blues style. Try using major country licks mixed with a few "blues" notes.
Whitey's Blues
A collision of the old and new Mississippi hill stomp. This tune feels like a cross between R.L. Burnside and T-Model Ford, recently brought up to date by bands like the White Stripes. This one's wide open-try some funky rock or slide tricks.
Austin Skyline Shuffle
A classic "Stevie Ray Vaughan" groove - a Texas shuffle that Stevie made his own. A cool half step up turnaround allows you to stretch out.
A Minor Affair
Classic B.B. King - a modernized version of a '70s Bobby Bland "uptown NY to LA" minor blues romp. This version substitutes a major 7th chord a half-step up from the V chord and an augmented V chord for the IV. Try using pure minor pentatonic scales throughout. Be sure to capitalize on the altered turnaround with arpeggios.
Little Girl Shuffle
Straight blues with Gospel chord change and a little Freddy King "mojo" thrown in. Very fun to play over - let the chords do the work.
Funky Woman
A very funky track with early '70s Midwest/Chicago/Detroit influences. Can be played using minor or dominant scale tones. Think Albert King.
Georgia Rocker
This one is classic on-the-beat shuffle right out of the late '60s/early '70s Southern rock era. You can push the envelope a bit on this one with a more gritty tone of Duane Allman-inspired slide.
Slow Down Blues
B.B. King/T-Bone styles with 6/9 chords on the turnaround. It embodies bit of East St. Louis ala Chuck Berry's "Wee Wee Hours".
Highway Sign
This is a rocker with Delta changes. This Robert Johnson/Stones' "Beggars Banquet" - Clarksdale to London. What a trip.
Devil's Corner
Here's a country blues two-beat ala Little Walter that takes you from Mississippi to Chicago. Try classic dominant blues solos or even some slides.
50's Rock N' Roll
This is straight-ahead, driving '50's rock 'n roll, bridging the gap between church and blues music. Here's a great opportunity to pull all the classic rock 'n roll chops out: Little Richard, Chuck Berry double stops and eighth note piano riffs.
Jazz Swing Blues
Texas jazz-blues shuffle from the late '40s. This sound came from the big bands from West Texas. Listen to any of T-Bone's shuffles, particularly "Two Bones and a Pick". Chance to throw some 6ths and 9ths into the mix. Maybe create a more jazz-like "head" as a motif.
Second Line Blues
Originally from New Orleans and used for funerals and parades; broadly called a "second line". Listen to The Meters, Very rhythmic or very minor/major legato-style playing. Explore some of the notes in the altered IV chord – 6ths and 9ths – as well as the V chord, which is a flat V substitution.
Classic Stop-Time Blues
Classic stop-time blues a la Muddy Waters/Freddy King/B.B. King. B.B. King major melodic bends. Freddy King-style interval playing, allow the breaks on the 1 chord to help build a verse-type melody - then load up for the solo.
Chicago Blues
"Chicago Blues" This is a traditional urban Chicago blues - a very wide shuffle. Listen to Muddy Water - this is a great song for slide. The challenge is to turn this into a blues instrumental. Create your own voice over the verse section.
Funky Mambo
This track is inspired by the ''swampers'' down in Alabama. Think John Hammond / Duane Allman slide for a good fit.
Rockin' Blues with Back-Beat
Think of a Memphis style Howlin' Wolf thang, chick'n pick'n is welcome here!
Big Band Blues
Inspired by a mid '50's Houston Texas big band blues ala Bobby ''blue'' Bland...dig deep major & minor pentatonic blues lick's ...deep shuffle ...let err rip!
Train-Beat Blues
Lil' Walter Chicago style shuffle ... very cool to play to find the version of ''Up the Line'' by Robben Ford. The track has a nice aggressive blues jazz feel...blow hard!
Funky rock Blues
Think Chuck Berry in Memphis, Duane Allman slide or swampers chunk funk. When it gets hot & humid no one wants to play fast ... just groove baby groove!

All tracks produced and recorded by Pete Anderson.
*New backing track for the 2012 competition.