2000 and beyond

History - 1970's
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This Ain't No Disco
In 1972, the second Guitar Center opened its doors in San Francisco. San Francisco was a city amidst an explosive musical transition, just exiting its heyday as the 60's "flower power" capitol. The old Guitar Center building had a charm and character that attracted musicians from all over San Francisco. In 1973, Guitar Center San Diego opened its doors. This location proved to play a pivotal role in the growth of the company, as this store was to become the home of the company's first Central Management Office. Ray Scherr started with the company in 1975 behind the accessory counter of Guitar Center, San Francisco. By December of 1977, his talents had propelled him to the position of the Company's first General Manager. His business savvy sparked the flame of success; his creative marketing and innovative promotions set it ablaze. In 1977, Larry Thomas began his career with Guitar Center. He started in the San Francisco store as well and quickly moved through the ranks. Larry's personal drive, his organizational skills and a tenacious approach to problem solving lead him to play a crucial role in the development of the company. Marty Albertson started with the company in 1979, and has held various positions of increasing responsibility.

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