• What is GC Garage?
    Much like the name implies, GC Garage is a repair shop for stringed instruments, and now you'll find one at every Guitar Center location. GC Garage keeps musicians covered with services from basic maintenance and restringing, to structural repairs and electronics.
  • My guitar is broken, can you fix it?
    We sure hope so. Granted, if you set it on fire or threw it in a wood chipper it's probably past our help. But short of that, bring that ailing axe in to your nearest Guitar Center location and our repair experts will do a free evaluation.
  • What kinds of repairs do you do at GC Garage?
    Well, we can't fix your car or put an extension on your house, but we can do everything from restringing, tune up and maintenance to electrical repair, hardware repair, structural repair, and more.
  • Do I need an appointment to speak with a GC Garage technician?
    Nope, no appointment necessary. Just drop by your nearest Guitar Center location. You can certainly make an appointment if you prefer, and it might save you from waiting in line, but it is not required.
  • How long will my repair take to be completed, what is the turnaround time?
    We'll get right on it. Prompt turnaround is always a priority at GC Garage. However, exact times are dependent on each store's volume of repairs. Guitar Center guarantees the strictest quality and productivity standards at all GC Garage locations.
  • Does GC Garage service vendor warranty repairs on new instruments?
    GC Garage technicians are not warranty repair centers. However, if you have a warranty issue please stop by your nearest Guitar Center location, and we'll be happy to guide you in the right direction.
  • Can I trust your repair technicians with my instrument, are they experienced?
    We only hire the best. All GC Garage technicians are experienced instrument repair experts. They attend certification classes and receive ongoing training and certification so you always know your guitar is in safe, expert hands.
  • How often should I change the strings on my guitar?
    Only as often as you want the awesome feel of fresh strings. Seriously, it depends on how often you play, climate conditions, type and quality of string, etc… Generally, every 3-4 weeks is about right, but if you play hard and often you'll want to change strings as soon as they start to feel grungy or lose tuning stability.
  • Do temperature and humidity affect my instrument?
    Unless it's made of graphite, environmental factors definitely make a difference. Depending on where you live, the severity of the effects varies. Extremes of temperature or humidity, as well as drastic shifts between extremes will take more of a toll and require more frequent setups.
  • How can I prolong the life of my instrument?
    It's all about maintenance. From practice to gig night, the world is a dangerous place and no guitar is safe. If you want your instrument alive and kicking for years to come, regular setups and professional repair are a must.
  • How often should I tune up (set up) my guitar?
    The short answer is, whenever it needs it. If you're getting anything short of perfect performance from your instrument, it's GC Garage time. Generally, it's a good idea to have a setup done 2-4 times a year, just to keep everything running smoothly.
  • How much do you charge for a setup?
    Please contact your nearest Guitar Center location and speak with a GC Garage technician. We guarantee the lowest price and highest quality on all repair services.
  • Do you intonate and strobe tune?
  • What kinds of things can I do to upgrade my guitar?
    The list is endless. From pickups and electronics to hardware upgrades, there are a million and one ways to take your guitar to the next level. Our expert GC Garage techs will listen to your wishlist and help you turn your musical dreams into reality.
  • Do you offer cosmetic upgrades?
    Of course. If you have a unique vision for you guitar, chances are our certified GC Garage specialists can make it happen.

For specific repairs and questions, please contact a GC Garage technician at your local Guitar Center store.