Your guitar is a lot like a car, it needs regular tune-ups to keep it playing and sounding its best. The certified experts at GC Garage are your go-to team for a free evaluation/consultation.

You can make an appointment or just walk in.

  • Restring and instrument maintenance: Keep your stringed instrument freshly strung and playing its best with regular setups.

  • Intonation, action, truss rod adjustment: Regular playing stress and environmental factors like heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your instrument, causing buzzing, high action, intonation issues and more. Bring your baby to GC Garage to undo the damage.

  • Personalized setup upgrades and modifications: Got some particular personal preferences for your guitar or bass? Chances are we can make your dreams a reality. Come in for a free consultation.

  • Wiring, and pickup install, electrical upgrades and customization: Love the feel of your instrument but craving a tone upgrade? From new pickups to expanded switching options, the sounds in your head await.

  • Bone nut and compensated saddle replacements: Improve tone and/or intonation with these after-market upgrades.

  • Fret dressing and fret replacement: All those chords and bends add up, and sooner or later your frets start to wear. Bring lightly worn frets back to life with a good dressing, or replace those long-suffering frets and enjoy a giant jump in playability.

  • Hardware customization and cosmetic enhancements: Skull knobs? Hot rod flames? Give your guitar a visual style as unique as you are.

  • Headstock and structural repair: Music can be a full-contact sport, especially for your guitar. Get those cracks and bruises expertly repaired and keep on rocking.

Every Guitar Center repair technician is certified in multiple levels of repair skill and training