Lenny » SRV Lenny Replica
Lenny Specs
  • Limited Edition of 185 "Lenny" guitars in the USA – exclusively at Guitar Center
  • 1900's-style mandolin body inlay behind the bridge
  • Leather-bound certificate of authenticity
  • Includes SRV DVDs and more...
The Fender® Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny” Stratocaster Replica guitar is as storied as the original article and no less intriguing to guitar aficionados…

Lenny’s most notable feature is a batwing shaped inlay behind the bridge, believed to be from a 1910 Italian mandolin pickguard and reproduced in exact detail for the replica. The original ’65 sunburst finish was removed by heavy sanding, giving Lenny a much more rounded, smoother and softer contoured body than any Strat® before or since. Subsequently refinished, the original sunburst finish still peeks through the clear mahogany lacquer. The autograph of Yankees baseball great Mickey Mantle, signed on a chance meeting at a Houston Astros game in 1985, is an emotive feature on the back of the body.

It’s easy to imagine Stevie pulling into a truck stop and adding the SRV stickers to the shrunken, warped and cracked pickguard. The Fender Custom Shop has re-created that ensemble with remarkable authenticity. The pickguard hides yet more treasures – a humbucking pickup cavity, unusually routed in the middle position. A haphazardly wired control pot assembly, with tone pots mounted in reverse is another historically accurate twist. Recreating Stevie’s signature on the neckplate along with the non-original bridge and strap-lock hardware is further evidence of the fastidious attention to detail.

Ultimately however, it’s all about Stevie’s music, and he summed Lenny up best when he said, “It’s always meant a lot to me. And I love what it sounds like.”

The “Lenny” replica includes a custom Anvil flightcase, featuring Stevie’s name inside and out, to protect your guitar for years to come. A wealth of accessories and memorabilia, including a leather-bound certificate of authenticity signed by Lenora Vaughan herself, custom Earth III guitar strap, SRV DVD’s and much more are also included with every Lenny guitar. GC Price: $17,000.00.

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