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Limp Bizkit launched onto the scene in 1997 with "Three Dollar Bill Y'all," a record that went on to sell more than 1.5 million copies. High energy live shows landed the band slots on tours such as Ozzfest, Family Values, Wapred and Woodstock. They returned in 1999 with "Significant Other," an album that established their trademark sound and featured the likes of DJ Premier and Method Man. After headlining their own world tour they got back in the studio and released "Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water," which went straight to #1. Now, with guitarist Wes Borland's departure, Limp Bizkit is on tour at 22 Guitar Centers nationwide to find their next guitarist. Guitar Center recently sat down with Fred to see how the tour was coming along.

GC: So how have the "Put Your Mouth Where Your Guitar Is" auditions been going?

FD: The tour is going pretty cool. Getting to meet a lot of cool people, a lot of cool fans.

GC: Could you describe the steps that one of these prospective players goes through during the audition process?

FD: When they show up in the morning, they put their name on a piece of paper and get a number put on their hand. When their number gets called, they go into a room and they meet my partner, Danny Wimmer, from Flawless Records. They have one minute to show what their vibe is about. If Danny feels that their vibe is special, he sends them to the next level where they get to jam with the band.

GC: What are you guys looking for in a guitarist?

FD: We're looking for a guy who has a very broad taste for music and has the perfect vibe for us. Actually, I don't know what that entails.

GC: When all is said and done how are you guys going to decide who gets the job?

FD: When we find the right one, we'll know.

GC: How does the band usually write songs? Do you have a writing "routine" or method?

FD: No it's spontaneous combustion in the band room or when we are in rehearsal.

GC: After the events of Sept. 11th you made some statements about putting your differences aside with people, etc. Will your forthcoming music be any different to reflect this new attitude?

FD: I can't predict what our music will be because it's written and performed from pure emotion. So it's hard to tell what I'll be feeling when I'm in the studio at that time.

GC: What's in your home studio?

Limp Bizkit
FD: I have a full blown Pro Tools rig with Pro-Control 24. And I use Mac Cinema widescreen and an Eventide H3000. I use a lot of Neve pre-amps and Neumann U47 microphones. Gibson Les Pauls and Legend acoustic guitars. Akai MPC 2000 XLs. I use the Korg Triton and Roland 5080.

GC: Tell us a bit about your record label, Flip. What's coming out from Flip?

FD: Now my record label's called Flawless. I signed Cold and Staind. Puddle of Mudd came out and we've got an album coming from an artist called Kenna. We're looking for new talent as we speak. We're developing bands right now, but I just can't tell you about them!

GC: How do you warm up before performances?

FD: I stretch out. I say a prayer, listen to some cool music.

GC: What advice would you have for a young player who might want to model their career after yours?

FD: I don't have those answers because I think everyone's mentality is different, everyone's ambitions are different. I would just say don't give up.

GC: Been to Guitar Center lately?

FD: I shop at Guitar Center in LA. Once in a while I go to the vintage guitar section. I've bought some Les Pauls, a Taylor acoustic, a Martin acoustic and also a Legend acoustic from there. I think that I got my Roland 5080 from there too. Guitar Center is cool.

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