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Newport Series Drum Launch

Unconventional drum sizes and thicknesses... snare shells riddled with holes... unique painted finishes and exotic coverings... translucent acrylic shells lit from the inside... these are the hallmarks of Orange County Drum & Percussion. After starting out as a local custom operation in 1991, this Southern Californiabased company has rapidly achieved star status among drummers nationwide.

Daniel Jensen and John Machado (president and vice president of OCDP) each started in the retail drum business in the mid-1980s. After a few years, they joined forces to open their own shop. Along with doing retail sales, they also did some drum repair and custom drumbuilding. Daniel also was active as a drum tech for several recording artists. By 1991 more people were buying John and Daniel’s custom drums than the established brands they were selling. At that point they decided to focus on manufacturing.

They set up operations in a small facility in Santa Ana, California, and Orange County Drum & Percussion was born.

Fortunately for Daniel and John, their timing was excellent. As they were getting OCDP up and running, several drummers with whom they’d worked over the years were also enjoying success. Says John, “Some of our friends became pretty highprofile during that time. Frankly, their fame made us famous. But we grew together. For example, we were working with Chad Sexton of 311 and Adrian Young of No Doubt when they were just local bands doing small clubs here in Orange County. But Chad and Adrian are more than just endorsers. They’re both investors in the company. That’s a nice statement about how much they believe in what we’re doing.”

Chad and Adrian are in good company. OCDP boasts an everincreasing roster of endorsers that currently includes Travis Barker (Plus 44), Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory), Lou “Dog” Gaez (Kottonmouth Kings), Chris Hornbrook (Poison The Well), Ilan Rubin (Lost Prophets), Gil Sharone (Dillinger Escape Plan), Allen Shellenberger (Lit), Atom Willard (Angels And Airwaves), John Wysocki (Staind), and Frank Zummo (Street Drum Corps).

OCDP’s rise to prominence has created an interesting situation... Their “custom” products and services are now in major-market demand. But not every drummer can afford a totally custom drum kit. So, in a move designed to offer OCDP’s approach to drum crafting in a more affordable package, the company is launching a new line of imported drum kits – the Newport series, named for Orange County, California’s popular Newport Beach.

The new drums are more affordable than the custom drums made in OCDP's California shop. But John Machado is quick to point out that Newport series drums will still be high-end quality.

“They’re like the top-of-the-line kits you'd see from some of the companies that are based overseas” says John. “The shells are 100% maple, the finishes are beautiful, and the hardware is top-notch. We truly believe that the Newport series will be the very best kit obtainable in its price range.”

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