Guitar Center Fresh Cuts vol 4 Weezer Exclusive

Guitar Center and legendary alternative rock band Weezer have teamed up to bring you Fresh Cuts Vol. 4. Weezer has hand-selected 17 tracks submitted by GC employees across the country. Fresh Cuts Vol. 4 also exclusively features "Everybody Go Away," an original song by Weezer..

Fifty thousand copies of Fresh Cuts Vol. 4 CDs are available now. Pick up your FREE copy at your local Guitar Center while they last!

Guitar Center would like to congratulate all of the upcoming artists featured on Fresh Cuts Vol. 4:

  • "Everybody Go Away"Weezer
    Written by Rivers Cuomo, Published by E.O. Smith Music (BMI)
  • "She’d Be Good For Me"Jason Cropper
    Featuring Jason R. Cropper, GC Pro Account Manager, of Guitar Center West LA, CA
  • "Ghost"SkinGod
    Featuring Tom Binasco of Guitar Center Manhattan, NY
  • "The Diamond Studded King"The Substance
    Featuring Stephen Savona, Assistant Manager, of Guitar Center Totowa , NJ
  • "Back to the Past"William Wiegand
    Featuring William Wiegand of Guitar Center Kendall, FL
  • "The War"Brett Pearson
    Featuring Brett Pearson, Assistant Manager, of Guitar Center El Toro, CA
  • "No Second Guessin’"Trunk Bound Regime ft. DJ Spare Change Featuring Michael Cooley and Kenny Pyles of Guitar Center Dayton, OH and Chelsea Johnson, Operations Manager, of Guitar Center Lexington, KY
  • "Way Down"Googutz
    Featuring Jason Pellegrino, Inventory Control, and Chris Roberts, A/P Trade Manager of Guitar Center Management, Westlake Village, CA
  • "Country Song"The Union City All Stars
    Featuring Keith Anderson of Guitar Center Warwick, RI
  • "Bill Collector"Natives of the New Dawn
    Featuring Joe Fikany of Guitar Center Pasadena, CA
  • "On The Edge"Law of Destruction
    Featuring Kyle Kniceley, Department Manager, and John Comprix, Deparment Manager, of Guitar Center Cleveland, OH
  • "Rafters and Roofbeams"Size
    Featuring Rob Bell, Sales and Training Manager, of Guitar Center Allentown, PA and Scott Broody of Guitar Center Plymouth Meeting, PA
  • "Purity"Benjamin Strange
    Featuring Benjamin Strange, Assistant Manager of Guitar Center San Francisco, CA
  • "Romeo and Juliet"The Lifeline
    Featuring Ryan T. Hope, Assistant Manager of Guitar Center Central Chicago, IL
  • "Wasted Daylight"Brace The Fall
    Featuring Brian Schmidt, Department Manager, of Guitar Center Beaverton, OR
  • "The New American Standard"Collin Kravis
    Featuring Collin Kravis of Guitar Center Southfield, MI
  • "Game Has Changed"Flamer
    Featuring Kenneth Flamer, Field HR Manager, of Guitar Center Management, Westlake Village, CA
  • "In Search Of…"Tension Head
    Featuring Anthony Garcia, Operations Assistant, of Guitar Center Saginaw, MI

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